Is it me? or what…

If you have the least bit of interest in hearing the ramblings of a man that grew up in a Baptist church where the Fundamentalist Movement was as much a core belief as the virgin birth.  Where legalism flurished and tolerance was simply not tolerated. 

If you want to hear from a man that was educated and trained at Liberty University, where he learned and gained insight on these legalistic perspectives.  All the while still holding on to the absolute truth of the fundamentals of Scripture.

If you wish to hear more from a man that spent 12 years of his life (from 23 to 35) as a Christian High School principal and you want to hear from a man that is spending the rest of his life trying to make up for the mistakes and failures that he brought upon his life. 

If you want to hear from a man that has come to the conclusion that compassion, understanding and forgiveness are far better than the legalism he was raised with.

If the perspective from a man looking for grace and forgiveness has any interest for you.

If these are perspectives that you are looking for…then this is your source.

But then again…maybe it’s just me.

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