Maybe it ‘s just me…


But I have found a new-found respect for John McCain.  After listening to his speech, I see a man that has earned my vote to be my President.


I had honestly watched the conventions of both parties with an open mind.  I had purposely avoided all media coverage leading up to these conventions.  I turned off MSNBC, FOX News and any other media outlet that would try and sway my perspective. I wanted to strip my mind of all the bias media coverage and try and let Barrack Obama and John McCain earn my vote.


I know that for many Americans, the whole political process is a depressing, frustrating and often painful event.  For me personally, I love the whole process and all the rhetoric that comes with it.  I also take my vote very seriously.  


A few years ago, I read a wonderful book called “Give Us This Day” written by Sidney Stewart.  This is the story of the Bataan Death March as told by an American Army enlisted man (Sidney Stewart) who was held captive by the Japanese in the Philippines.  He became a captive because the US military pulled out of the Philippines and abandoned Sidney and about 11,000 other American soldiers.  He endured the horror and atrocities of the Death March itself where he was forced to walk over 90 miles.  The total death toll is not known, however, it is estimated that over 20,000 soldiers and civilians died during the march.  He then was held captive for over 4 years as a prisoner of war (POW).  The story of his experience, compassion, friendship and faith moved me to tears. 


My point is this…He had the right to become very bitter towards the United States for abandoning him.  He earned that right.  However, the opposite happened.  His love of country and his homeland grew.  He was willing to give his life for his country but more importantly, he was willing to fight for his life in order to honor his country as a survivor.


John McCain has earned the right to serve his country. 


Now before you tell me that being a prisoner of war does not qualify someone to be President.  I completely understand your point.  However, I have come to the conclusion that Barrack Obama has not done a thing to earn his “right” to serve his country.  I do not believe that a “Community Organizer” qualifies him to be my President. 


In closing, before you say that this is just the rambling of a ignorant Republican.  I have a confession.  I am a registered Democrat.  I have been since 1979.  For those of you that thought you knew me…I guess that this is a surprise. 


This Democrat will spend the next 60 days convincing other Democrats to vote for the man who I believe is the best solution for our future.


John McCain


But then again…maybe it’s just me





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