“When I Hear the Praises Start”

September 14, 2008

Today, my song for the day is “When I hear the Praises Start”  by Keith Green.

I selected this song because of the message that it conveys.  From the first time heard the song to this very day, it brings me to tears when I listen to it.

Another reason is that it reminds me of several people that I have known along the way.  Years ago, when I was working late at the school. I was locking the doors and heading out to my car.  When I heard a piano playing in the church.  All the lights were off in the church and I was  afraid to go in to see who or what might be playing the piano. 

As I crept accross the lobby in the dark, I very slowly opened the door to the sanctuary of the church.  A small lamp was burning above the piano, and I stopped to listen to the music that was being played.  I could see the shadow and the outline of someone at the piano. 

In the darkness of that little church I saw something I had never experienced before.  I saw a young man just singing and playing the piano for the sole reason to express his love and praise for the Lord.   I stood there, just listening to this young man sing with his heart.  He did not know I was there. There was no audience.  I listened for 10 or 15 minutes before I quietly exited the church. 

To this day, I have never told him about my intrusion into his time with the Lord.   I learned a lot from this experience…I learned that my relationship with the Lord IS personal.  I need to spend more time with Him in prayer.

Thanks, Paul Daniel Margraff- you taught me a valuable lesson.

Oh…and by the way…there was an audience… an “Audience of One”.

The Lord Jesus Christ.


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