Maybe It’s Me Political Poll

After watching the media coverage of the “financial crisis” and the debate between Palin and Biden, I am amazed that the American people are not totally “done” with politics as usual in Washington DC.
I wanted to do some kind of survey of the people that I worked with, lived next to and met during the regular course of the day. My own “poll” if you will. I was going to talk to the first 100 people I came in contact with and see what they had to say…
The responses I received were enlightening and at times scary. Now, I realize that this “poll” of mine will not compare to the Gallup or the Rasmussen Polls that everyone references but I live in Ohio. A key battle ground in the election this year.
I talked to 100 people on Friday, October 3rd. This is what I discovered…
Are you registered to vote?
78 YES   13 NO  9 NOT SURE
Are you registered with a Political party?
34 Democrat

21 Republicans

34 Independent or NO

11 No Comment
Have you made up your mind on who you are going to vote for?
24 YES

68 NO

8 No Comment
If election day were today and you had to vote, who would it be for?
16 Obama

21 McCain

57  No idea

6 No Comment
Did you watch the debate between Biden and Palin?
94 YES

6 NO
Who won that debate? (If they said yes to previous question)
47 Biden

26 Palin

Do you Believe Sarah Palin is ready to be VP after watching the debate?
74 YES

12 NO

Did you watch the first debate between McCain and Obama?
59 YES

41 NO
Who won that debate? (if they said yes to precious question)
30 McCain

22 Obama


Do you have confidence in our politicians in Washington D.C.?
12 YES

78 NO

Should the Government be proposing a Bill to help the “financial crisis”?
13 YES

82 NO


Which of the following best describes your feelings about Congress.
Extremely Happy 0
Happy 4
Somewhat Happy 2
Don’t Care 16
Somewhat Unhappy 11
Unhappy 26
Extremely Unhappy 41

Is Nancy Pelosi the kind of leader we need as the Speaker of the House?

81 NO

Of the following, who best describes who is to blame for causing this crisis?
Democrats 19
Republicans 14
President Bush 17
Wall Street 31
Not Sure / Other 19

I have not taken time to really evaluate and get to the bottom line meaning of the results, but I will say that a few things do stand out.

1. Regardless what the media says, the race in Ohio is far from over.

2. Most people are not confident in Washington D.C.

3. Most people did not want Congress to bail out Wall Street.

4. Most people are not Happy with Congress.

5. Nancy Pelosi is not the kind of leader people want in Washington.

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