Everyone Has a Story

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you that took time to honor my brother’s life, by responding or looking at his pictures I posted on the (Facebook) Legacy Builder’s site.

I received many notes of kind words and some even posted on the site. 

Sometimes it is so easy to forget. When events like my brothers death happen to a family. It is easy to provide comfort and support the days and weeks after such a tragedy happens. However, after this short period of time, people (we) move on. We get back to living our lives.

The unfortunate thing is that for a mother, father, brother or sister, son or daughter… the process of moving on isn’t so easy. Sure, in time they (we) do move on. But it never leaves, it’s always there.

Over the course of time you wonder if anyone remembers that lost loved one, or even cares.

I, for one, do not want to forget. I want to celebrate the lives of those that have influenced me and had “made a difference” in my life. I want to celebrate the lives that influenced my friends, co-workers and neighbors. Most of these people I have never met…but I want to know them. I want to know why they were here. God intended for them to be here for a reason…and that “reason” should not end with their death whenever that may occur.

Please use the site to bring the honor upon those that richly deserve it. You may just find that you are comforted and your pain may ease as well.


Thanks again for the kind posts and notes


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