What Will You Do?

Maybe it’s just me but…in 2009…

I WILL…have a passion for excellence.

I WILL…ask, listen and hear – to determine how I can best help those I come in contact with.

I WILL…be an example of commitment and integrity.

I WILL…follow a path that leads to Jesus Christ.

I WILL…focus on the strengths of those that I come in contact with.

I WILL…dedicate myself to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

I WILL…lead as I would like to be led.

I WILL…savor the memory of each passing moment.

I WILL…wash my thoughts with the mind of Christ.

I WILL… handle each relationship that I have with faith, hope, love and gratitude.

I WILL…have compassion on those who have failed.

I WILL…put my wife and my family first above my desires.

I WILL…love my children, regardless what they do.

I WILL...love God with my whole heart.

But then again, maybe it’s just me…

What WILL you do?

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