“Maybe it’s Just Me”… is Coming to an End.

The  “Maybe It’s Just Me” Blog is coming to a end. It was a wonderful and enlightening experiment. My last post will be on December 31, 2008.

I have had over 2700 visitors in the the four months since I switched my writing from a private blog to a public site.  I have learned much and I will always appreciate the kind and not-so-kind comments and observations that people have shared.  Most on them I never approved to be seen on the site itself.  It seemed to me to be a little self-serving to post comments about something I wrote.  But in times of weakness I gave in and approved a few over the past few months.

Some observations that I have learned about a public blog site.

  • Bloggers are all about controversy.  The more radical your position the better, or least the more attention your blog gets.  I guess that is good if that is what you are looking for…attention.
  • I write for me.  I write so that my family…particularly my kids Crystal, Nathan, Adamm and Cassidy will one day be able to look back and read some stories that made up my life.  Something I feel like I was  cheated from because I now struggle to remember stories my Grandfather told me.  I wish I would have written them down or recorded them so I could enjoy them now some 20 plus years after his death.  SO… my writing is not really for anyone else.
  • My vain attempts over the past few months at writing to get responses was futile. I simply am not good at writing about something that garnishes that much attention.
  • I love to write  about things that actually happened to me personally.  That, in of itself, is not what public blogging is all about.  No one wants to read about my sad/happy little stories of my life, they want a place where they can comment and give an opinion.  No offense…but your opinion does not matter to me.
  • I am an independent political person.  Registered  as a Democrat but have voted far more times Republican.  I tried the political world of blogging and to be honest…it sucks.  Most of it sounded like spoiled little brats screaming louder than someone else to get more attention. Most everything I read was only written to get a response.  More importantly…MOST OF IT WAS CRAP…  On both sides of the aisle.   I will leave the political comments to Ben Stein, which by the way, is the best in political satire and positions that I read during the entire election process.  I will continue to read his stuff, but the rest is not worth my time… nor yours.
  • Most of what I read on many blogs  was a  re-posting…meaning someone else wrote it.  Not really a whole lot of independent thinking/writing going on in the public blogging world.  I, in fact, intentionally copied and re-posted a story to see what kind of response I would get.  The response were interesting. I even had people re-posting and taking credit for something  that I wrote.  It’s a cynical world.
  • There are some good sites out there.  Many people have excellent perspective on the world and are able to convey it in a way that reads well.  More power to them.

It is time for me to focus on other endeavors, like finishing my MBA. I start back to school to finish my Master’s degree on January 12th and I need to focus on that for awhile.  I will still post to my private blog site and anyone who would like to subscribe or would like to read occasionally, please write to my email account  thelegacybuilder@aol.com.

I love to write…I never said I was good.   Thank you to those of you that played along.

I love to write more than I have ever expressed to anyone growing up.  It is probably something that most people missed about me.  I am not what most people think I was or have become.  The experiences that I have lived have made me who I am…the good and the bad.   I have had success in life and I have failed in life.   I have picked myself off the the floor (in times of failure) when there was no one to lend a hand to help me up.  I have re-invented myself in a successful new career and occupation.  Something that many people said I couldn’t do. I have made my way in spite of the detractors and ney-sayers.

Make no mistake, however, I do understand that all things that I have been given has only been allowed because of the Grace of God. I understand the importance of God’s grace and I am thankful for what He has allowed me to do with my life.

No…most people do not KNOW me…they only know what they choose to believe.  I only care about what the Lord knows to be true about me.

In closing… this is the truth when it comes to describing me…

I love my GOD, my WIFE and my CHILDREN.  They are what I live for today.

Anything else…really doesn’t matter.

But then again…maybe it’s just me.


2 thoughts on ““Maybe it’s Just Me”… is Coming to an End.

  1. Oh……..Bah…Humbug!
    I know that although the fact that you priortize what matters as God, Wife, and Family, doesn’t a sense of community fit in as well? I know community pales when compared to family but, are you declaring yourself an island? God’s intent for all of us is to influence the community in which we live through His Son, and you do that and have done that as well.

  2. thanks for sharing what you’ve learnt. I’ve started and stopped many blogs in the last few years, and I can totally vibe with some of the points you’ve mentioned.

    the notes about re-posting other people’s material is especially pertinent. It’s hard to develop a sense of community in blogging when most of it is inauthentic or fake. I think that’s why sites like live journal are so popular – it’s much more personal and direct than many blogs here.

    I’ve been disenchanted with blogging before, and then become re-enchanted a little while later. It comes in waves. Often it involves an evolution in the actual technology and mechanics. A greater sense of possibilities.

    best wishes on your future goals; you never know where the impact of what you do will end. ie words and blogs live on even after their creators have moved onto new projects.

    cheers, and salut.

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