Obama is Starting to Sound Like McCain

Maybe it’s just me…

but Obama is starting to sound a lot like John McCain these days.

This week, President Obama said, “if we are keeping focused on all the fundamentally sound aspects of our economy, all the outstanding companies, workers, all the innovation, and dynamism in this country, then we’re going to get through this. And I’m very confident about that.”

It seems like ages ago, but when John McCain came out in September and said the “fundamentals of the economy are strong” candidate Obama responded furiously, in what became a defining moment of the campaign.

Here is a video of  Obama’s  response to McCain’s  statement that the “Fundamentals of the Economy are strong”

Now we have Obama come out and say basically the same thing…

During the presidential campaign, then candidate Obama pilloried Republican nominee Sen. John McCain when he made similar remarks on the state of the economy. Back in September, John McCain expressed confidence in the nation’s economy, saying that the fundamentals of the economy were, “strong.” Obama attacked McCain for the remark, saying that it showed just how out of touch the Arizona Senator was with the struggles of average Americans.

But by almost any measure, the economy was in better shape in September than it is today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is off more than 3,000 points since McCain made his remarks on September 15. Unemployment is up two percent from 6.1% in September to 8.1 percent today, including more than 650,000 jobs lost just last month. Consumer confidence stands at a near record-low of 25.0, down from 64 in September.

President Obama has been criticized for talking down the economy. Given all the bad economic news of late, his sudden shift from being the harbinger of economic bad news to the economy’s cheerleader-in-chief can be nothing but pure political posturing.

As far as that is concerned…I am sick of this political posturing going on in Washington.  The double standard that is given to Obama and his policies  is unbelievable.

I can’t wait until 2012.

Buy then again, maybe it’s  just me.


One thought on “Obama is Starting to Sound Like McCain

  1. No its not just you…..the only problem I have is the fact that we as conservatives let it get this way. We have way too many moderates that are more concerned with getting reelected then they are about standing up for the conservative principles that our country needs to get back to. It more of the same. I honestly think that Obama does have some good ideas, at least the ones he “touts” such as change, transparency, etc. What’s funny though is the fact that while he says all these things very little of them actually happen. Staci while a democrat also thinks this. She loves Obama but agrees that he may be the best man in the world personality wise, but if he can’t stand up to Washington then he will never become the President that he can be. I agree 100%. I don’t care what party is in power as long as it has the best interests of the PEOPLE in mind. It has been quite a while since this has been government’s primary concern. Greed will kill this country eventually…….

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