The Joy, the Hope and Salvation that Comes with Christ Resurrected

I had the wonderful privileged to see Keith Green just a few months before he was tragically killed in a plane crash. As I sat in his concert, I was amazed at the fact that he “preached” as much as he sang. He shared the message that God gave him and then would sing to share that message through song. Keith Green was not shy about talking about his passion for Christ.

We do not see this in many of today’s Christian Artists… my experience with this is that most times they sing for and hour or so and if you get past the lights and special effects…you may be able to tell that they are singing about Jesus Christ. Most times, I can apply the lyrics of the song to my wife. Meaning…the song could be about the love I have for my wife not just about the love Jesus Christ has for me or me for Him. However, as with all songs written and recorded by Keith Green, there is no doubt about the message he is trying to get across to each of us.

In that concert, in early 1982, Keith started talking about the coming Easter Celebration.

He shared the experience of Christ on the Cross.

He shared the Death of Christ...

As this man of God spoke, he held all of us in the grasp of his powerful words. He made me see the Crucifixion in a whole new way. It was not as I had imagined it at all. He painted a picture so clear and so vivid that it was if I was standing there in the presence of Jesus Christ at the foot of the Cross.

In my mind, I was there at the Cross and stood there as they took Him down from that Cross and laid Him in a tomb. The shame, I felt was heavy on my heart.

He then shared the Resurrection of Christ…

As his words pierced through my heart and my mind, he started playing the Easter Song. A song he wrote to put into words the hope and joy of Christ Resurrected. He sang this wonderful song and for the first time since the day of my salvation, I cried tears of joy.

To this very day, when I hear this beautiful song I cry tears of joy.

As you celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, my prayer is that maybe this song may help you experience the Joy, the Hope and Salvation that comes with Christ Resurrected.


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