Day: October 25, 2009

Let Go…

Something to ponder…

expensive-vaseBilly Graham tells a story of a little boy playing one day with a very valuable vase.  The little boy had put his hand into it and could not get his hand out.   It was stuck and he could not get his hand out the small opening at the top of the vase.  His mother and father tried their best to get the child’s hand from out of the vase.  They tried and tried and it still would not come out.  It was all in vain.

The only solution was to carefully break the vase so that the child would not be cut by the sharp pieces of the ceramic shards as they broke it.

Just before the father raised a small hammer to break the expensive vase, the father had an idea.  “Now son, let’s try one more thing before we break this vase.” the father said.  “Open your hand and hold your fingers out straight like mine are”  as he demonstrated with his own fingers for his son.

To his astonishment the child said, “O no, father.  I couldn’t put my fingers out like that, because if I did I would drop the penny I found in the vase!”

Smile, if you will – but thousands of us are just like this young boy.  So busy holding on to meaningless things that we forget the important things in life.

What things do you need to let go of in order to help you become a better person?  Would it be pride?  Anger?  Selfishness?

Whatever it is…let go and see what God can really do in your life.