Month: November 2009

Going Viral and the Recovery from Surgery

Maybe it’s just me…

but I have had more hits on my blog when I don’t add a new post.

In the past two weeks, I have had over 10,000 hits and I have not so much as looked at my dashboard to see what was happening to my blog.   My post, “A Few of My Favorite Things…” is the post that has gone viral.  Since I posted this on September 29th it has had over 17,000 hits, far surpassing my record of number of hits for a posting.   I am not sure what this means but I have never posted anything to get hits anyway, so I guess I will ruin the viral run on my blog and start posting again soon.

For those of you who read my blog regularly should know by now that I have been out of commission for a while due to a few operations that I  needed to have.

I had to have my first ear surgery on Sept. 25th (after having an ear infection for two years) and it was discovered to be much worse than first expected.  The infection had infiltrated the Mastoid bone section behind the ear.  I needed to have more extensive surgery to remove all infected areas around the mastoid area and clear the infection in the middle ear.  That surgery (my second) was last Thursday (Nov 12) and the doctor told me that if he had waited another week there would have been nothing left to do.  It would have been fatal.  The infection had spread to the point that it had infiltrated the paper-thin layer that surrounds the brain.   The surgeon said he removed all the infected bone he could and it was one of the worst he had ever operated on.  They removed the bones from behind my ear down to the base of my neck and the bone above the ears had to be drilled and scrapped down to remove the infection. I know that I was in surgery for 5 hours and in recovery for almost another 5 before they moved me to ICU…I cannot describe to you the pain I was going through.

I have had some issues as a result of the surgery.  My right hand, actually my little finger and the ring finger on my right hand all the way down to my elbow is still without feeling.  I can move them and have not lost strength in them, they just feel like they are asleep the whole time.  The tips of the other three fingers are numb as well.  I also have discovered that I have lost feeling on the left side of my tongue and I still cannot feel my left ear at all.

The surgeons will not know if they got it all of the infection for three months.  If not…they have to go in and do surgery again.  This time on some very critical parts of the brain and will probably not have the best of results.   So…I am not out of the woods just yet.

I am trusting God and I will accept whatever He lays in my path.  Regardless of where that may lead me.  Thanks for the prayers and I will keep you updated on any progress or set backs. I have missed writing and I am very happy to have what I have left in my right hand.  At this point, I can still type but I cannot hold a pen just yet.

In closing, I have learned a few things over the past few weeks I have been away.   I have  learned that I need to take more time to stay in touch with those I care so much about.  It just seems like I get so busy and have the best of intentions but never seem to get around to do the things I should do…like staying in touch and being the friend I need to be to others.   For that I am sorry.

I am thankful for those of you that play along and tolerate my blog.  I look forward to writing and posting a lot over the next few years and I hope you stay along for the journey. Your friendship is appreciated and I thank you for all the kind words of encouragement.  It means more  to me than you will ever know.

Best Regards,