Need A New Perspective? Change Your View

Maybe it’s just me but I hate snow.

There are no words that really allow me  to express my true feelings about how much I hate snow.    The only thing I can think of that is remotely positive is the fact that is does make my yard look as nice as my neighbors.

This week we had our first big snow storm of the year.  Now mind you, it wasn’t the blizzard of 1978 (that I survived), but it was a pretty big one.  Schools canceled, businesses closed and the shelves of bread and milk were empty at the grocery stores.

We have a policy at work that if the county in which you live declares a “Level Three” snow emergency, we do not go into work.  So just like the days when I was a child and would watch endless hours of TV to see if school closed, I watched and listened for every news outlet to see if my county would be declared a level three snow emergency.  No such luck.   I had to get up, shovel the sidewalk, the driveway and try to make my trek in to work.

They had to have made a mistake, because from inside my house looking out my front window, I could see snow, lots and lots of snow.   Our front yard was buried and I couldn’t see the street that was a mere 25 feet away.  It’s all blended in with nearly seven inches of snow.   The street, the sidewalks and my yard were all covered.   From my perspective of looking out my front window, it was obvious that there was way too much snow to go anywhere.

But I did.

After shoveling for what seemed  an eternity, I drove two blocks down to the main street of our neighborhood and the view was much different.   The road at the end of our street was clear.  It had a few wet spots, but for the most part is it was dry and easily passable.

Sometimes our perspective on things keeps us stuck where we are.  If I judged whether or not to go out based on what my yard and what the neighborhood looked like, I would be at home for the next month.  But it was ok to venture out, in fact, once I reached the end of my street, things were better than they were in front of my house.  I would never had known or experienced the difference had I not left my driveway.

The conditions I observed just a mere two blocks away changed my perspective on how bad the situation really was.  Have you limited your options because of your perspective?  Have you not trusted someone to help you pull out of your comfort zone to something better?   We have all done it – in our jobs, in our relationships (or fear of relationships), in our life experiences.  We have stayed inside our safe, warm homes thinking there was snow and ice everywhere, and not trusted those who have gone before us.

Sometimes at work if I’m trying to work out a problem or detail on a project I will sit on the other side of my desk in the visitor’s chair.  Changing my point of view, changing my perspective many times brings new ideas or fresh answers.

Be encouraged to step out and explore a little, change your scenery and you might change your mind and heart about some things.  Let me know how it goes.

As for me… right now my perspective is being viewed through the warm thoughts of summer…

I don’t know about you but that is…”just me”.


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