“Never Can Say Good…Bayh”

Maybe it’s just me…but you can almost hear the beat of that old Jackson Five  song: “Never Can Say Goodbye”.

I have attached this video for your listening enjoyment while you read the rest of this post.  It will be the best part of it.

Evan Bayh, the Indiana Democratic Senator, has announced that he too is quaking in his boots and suddenly deciding not to run as beleaguered Democrats are quickly realizing their arrogant posturing this past year has stirred up a political hornet’s nest that is likely to bring most of them down.

I have tried over the last few hours to come up with something positive to say about my fellow Democrat Evan Bayh…and I can never find anything good to say about him.

Senator Evan Bayh

While Bayh is only the latest and certainly not the last to realize that America’s anger is real, some Democrats continue their Little Big Horn mentality in holding high the liberal banner as countless arrows fly. They have re-doubled their endless attacks on Sarah Palin, tea party supporters, conservatives and their ilk.  How long are the Democrats  going to assume that all of these “tea-parties” and Scott Brown’s election is just a blip on the map of politics.  These are major concerns, with major consequences to their party.   I believe that they are in denial.  I do not see the leadership coming from the democratic party now…I see them falling back on “playground” politics of blame.  Making  issues about failed Bush polices will get them nothing but a Republican majority real soon.   If they continue to deny that they have serious problems in the leadership of the party then I am to assume that they are too blinded by self righteousness.

The once foaming-at-the-mouth Bush bashers have now morphed into “Palin Impalers” in what can only be termed a cult of hate of the first magnitude.    Not only is she constantly belittled as dumb and stupid (a tactic the Bush bashers honed to perfection), she is also portrayed as leading her moronic followers and fellow conservatives lemming-like off hate-filled, gun-toting, Kool-aid drinking cliffs toward political oblivion. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a Democrat since 1978, I am finding it so hard to read and listen to fellow democrats cry and whine about Dick Cheney and his “so-called”  hatemongering.   During the last five years the Democratic party did nothing but tell George Bush how much they hated him, his policies and Cheney.  Nothing that Bush did was right in their eyes.   Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate Leader even told school children that Bush was an idiot and the list could go on and on.

The issue of bi-partisanship is a one way street for most Democrats.  They want the compromise of a few republicans in order to pass their agenda but are they really willing to compromise themselves?  I do not see anyone in the democratic party willing to do so.   So they cannot cry foul because the Republicans are not willing to come to the table and work with them.  I  hear my fellow democrats whine about the fact that the Repubs won’t “work together” in a bi-partisan fashion. Why would they expect them to?   They (the Democrats) have jammed everything down the throats of the American people, without any regard to working together.  In the democrats self-righteous position of the majority,  they are the ones that do not understand nor appreciate bi-partisanship.  The Democrats cannot have it both ways.   They cannot criticize, spew hatred for the last five years and then cry foul when it comes back at them.

They have done this to themselves…in their attempt to put Bush in his place, they have alienated themselves from the American people.   Make no mistake, if Scott Brown’s election is any evidence…the worst for them is yet to come. Blaming Bush and Cheney no longer will pay any benefits to the Democrats cause.   Stooping down  and playing the blame game is over.  Bush…Cheney….is old news, let’s move on.

While the now departed “Never can Say Good… Bayh” was often portrayed as a moderate, almost conservative Democrat by the overtly liberal faction of the party, neither Democrats or Republicans will miss his weak-kneed stance on tough issues.  Yet, Bayh has, perhaps, seen the lipstick writing on the mirror better than many others.

The message is this:  “the weak and liberal need not apply”.   The American public has had enough of this foolishness. Both Democrats and Republicans need to shut up and listen.

That is why Sarah Palin scares the Bee Jesus out of both sides.

And that is…

Just Me.


One thought on ““Never Can Say Good…Bayh”

  1. I’ve had it with both parties. The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. I am only keeping my registration as a Republican in case I ever decide to run for an office down the road. In this area you have to be one or the other, most I’s don’t get to play.

    Now there are good people in both parties, yet few. This is where a lot of people get the Tea Parties wrong, we are not shill’s for the Republican Party. I am a Tea Party Organizer in Ohio Valley Area and our group is filled with Democrats, Republicans and Independents. People are just fed up with this excessive spending, growing government, lack of fiscal responsibility and the all out disdain for our Constitution.
    We were angry with Bush too, but Bush was moving at a slower pace and we were asleep. The reason of the outcry now is because they are taking us down the Socialist/Marxist road in a Ferrari. We were asleep before, but never again. McCain would be taking us down this same road, just at a slower pace. They are all Progressives.

    Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals is their Playbook. Check it out, you’ll be shocked.

    If I don’t stop I will go on forever…

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