Congrats to Canada…Ehhhh!!!

Maybe it’s just me…

But I watched the gold medal hockey match today between the US and Canada, and although I was hoping for a different outcome, I really enjoyed the game as a magnificent display of athletic talent.   To be honest, I wish there was a way to play another game to really determine the winner, because just a few days ago we beat the Canadians and we both only have one loss.  Oh well… I am proud of the USA Hockey Team as well as all of the other Olympians.  I have been impressed all week at the display of sportsmanship throughout the games.

What impressed me more, however, was something that happened during the medal ceremony immediately following the game.   The Canadian fans showed an extraordinary amount of character when they erupted in cheers for two of the US players; I will concede that one, Ryan Kesler, received the cheers because he plays for their beloved Vancouver Canucks, but the other, goalie Ryan Miller, received even more cheers, not because he plays in Canada (he plays for the Buffalo Sabres), but because he played a tremendous tournament and game (he only allowed eight goals in six games).

I must say that I was impressed mainly because I’m not sure that my fellow Americans would have responded in the same way; rather, I fear, they may have booed.   Canada deserves congratulations, not just for hosting a spectacular Olympics, but also for displaying a wonderful example of graciousness.

I, for one, must tip my hat to our neighbors to the north.

And that is…Just Me.


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