Sometimes the Truth is Not What You Want It to Be

Have you ever had a situation that didn’t make any sense to you?   You know the situation I am talking about – you hear one thing – even have written evidence to prove it – and yet – it still doesn’t make sense to you?

Things don’t feel right – things don’t add up?

Yeah – this just happened to me.   I thought I was losing my mind – and over a long period of time – more than a year, I had facts, circumstances and written word – only to confuse what I knew – things that only I knew to be the truth.

Truth is…sometimes the truth disappoints.  Sometimes the truth really hurts.  There are times I really do not want to hear it.  Sometimes I just want to deny the it and live in my own little world where I do not have to face the truth.   The reality is, is that truth is a funny thing.   As bad as it can be sometimes, we all need it.  We need the truth.  When we have it operating in our lives – the inconsistencies will no longer be there.   The nagging questions and things that don’t make sense – suddenly will be clear.   The fog lifts and we are free.

Yes – I have had a “revelation” of sorts.   Things I had wondered about – prayed about – struggled with and questioned – and had given up trying to figure out – those things are now clear to me.  In my heart of hearts – I knew it was always this way.   I knew it all along – and still I allowed myself to doubt.   Why did I fight so hard NOT to believe it?   Because I try to see the best in people and in circumstances.   Sometimes I have had to learn things the hard way.   The very worst way possible – where people get hurt and things are misunderstood and things don’t make sense.   There are lives and friendships in the balance – and we live with guilt, remorse and pain.

Yesterday my eyes were opened to the truth.   I now can see it clearly.   You can have words from someone but if they are not followed up by consistent actions then it is not the truth.   I take no pride from the fact that I knew I was right all along.  I should have trusted my first instincts – even when everything else pointed to the contrary.   Actions must follow.   Things must add up – even when we are told they shouldn’t or can’t.

It is easy for truth to get in the way and allow us to be blinded  by our own issues and fears – we sometimes fail to see what is right there in front of us.   We can learn from these mistakes – if we STOP trying to “help God” make sense of it.    We cannot control how others act towards us – we can only control our own thoughts and motives – and our own actions.   I believe if we can clearly get our emotions out of the way – we can begin to see what was there all the time.

The truth.

But be prepared…sometimes the truth is not always what we wanted it to be.  For good or for bad it is what it is.

Simply put…it’s just“Truth”.

I pray that today – you will seek truth – even amidst contrary circumstances – even if it goes against everything you have been lead to believe – even if it rocks your whole world.   Even if you dare not believe it – because it will change everything.

Truth has a funny way of doing just that…it changes everything.

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