I Wish I Would Have Said That

I’ve been pretty quiet for a week or so.   I apologize.

I haven’t posted anything new on here and I haven’t had much inspiration to write anything either.

My motivation has been sapped by an interesting e-mail that I received last week.   I received notification that someone was copying my blog posts and posting them as their own.   At first I was upset.  How dare someone come along a copy my post and claim the stories and perspectives for their own.  I wanted to write the person and give them a piece of my mind.  I am glad I didn’t.

As this week wore on, I started to feel differently about the situation.  Instead of being upset “that” they copied my posts, I began to ask myself “why” would someone “want” to copy them.   I do not claim to be a writer.  It is just something I do to keep the voices away…lol.   Really, I only write because it is way for me to express myself.   My writings are nothing worth copying and certainly not worth being accused of plagiarism over.

As for my writings,  I am sure that over the year or so of writing this blog, I have borrowed a line or two from someone else as well.  It just happens.  For me it is not intentional but the result of reading, and listening to different people all the time.

So, with that in mind, I have come to the conclusion that if they help someone feel better about themselves because they copy my writings and use them as their own…so be it.  There is really nothing new under the sun anyway, so if someone, somewhere can be helped, encouraged or whatever by my ramblings then I am willing to “not get credit” for writing them.

Now that I believe that the person will continue to copy my posts as their own, let me take the time to thank the good people of the world who would not do this.  I truly mean that. Thank you, good people of the world.

Thank you to the people who truly are good – that live their own lives every day with the intent to do good, with the intent to be a good soul, with the intent to bring good to the world.  Thank you.  You do your own job the way it should be done, not with malice or mischief, but with kindness, compassion and a smile.  You are creative and take the time to figure it out and do your own research and writings.

So, if those of you who are copying my posts want to thank everyone for having integrity and honor for not copying another persons work, feel free and copy this post.

At least those who deserve the praise will get it.


2 thoughts on “I Wish I Would Have Said That

  1. its the raw honesty,sorrow of a broken marriage,its a good representation of believing in Jesus Christ and not thinking your above others;not always happy not always sad so its based on reality,always thought provoking.There is a lot of junk a person could copy on the web,but at least someone is showing a little class.

  2. Take it as a compliment…they liked what you had to say. I know it is frustrating but isn’t imitation the higest compliment? I do not make excuse for this person but we are accountable for our actions, not the actions of others. I am sorry you had such a rough week!!!

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