Day: April 17, 2010

In Moments Like These

The morning sunrise fills my living room with beautiful golden hues.  The coffee pot is bubbling and I have a pen in hand with a blank sheet of paper.   I love the moments like these in my life that are uncomplicated, unhurried, and without drama.

The world is kept at bay on the other side of my locked front door.  The television is black.  The  phone is silent.  The family is still asleep and nothing is stirring.  I am in my favorite pair of jeans and an old tattered sweatshirt laying in the living room on my favorite couch.

No drama.

No news.

No complications.

No people.

No politics.

No schedule.

No calls.

No noise.

No stress.

No responsibilities.

For one moment, the world is not upside-down.  For one moment, everything is peaceful and quiet.  I am not thinking about what our president is doing to our country.  I am not thinking about how I am going to get through all the transfer business at work.  I am not feeling anger, hate or animosity towards anyone.  I want to live in this moment forever.

For one brief shining moment, my world is level.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could keep that front door locked and closed to the rest of the world?  No one would dump their world onto mine and change this  sunny day.  No one would call me.  I could ignore the world around me.

But I know that this is selfish.

Soon… the stress of life will find its way through cracks around the door.  It will poke its head through my window as the neighborhood comes to life this morning.  Soon…the opening of a bedroom door will break through the silence of this moment and the responsibilities of taking care of my family will come rushing back into my thoughts.  Soon… I will be reminded of the stress from work and I know the phone will ring before I want it to.   Soon…the paper will land with a thud on my front porch and I will read about earthquakes, unemployment, health care, politics, budget spending, crime and who’s to blame.

But not now…not for this one brief, glorious shining moment.

All is it peace and all is calm.

Thank you God…for mornings like these.