Cleaning Up the Mess

I just spent the night cleaning up my office.   Sounds fairly easy…but in reality it is a chore I hate to do.  Why?  I am a pack rat.  I keep everything.  If  something has the slightest sentimental value I struggle with throwing it away.

Ever tried cleaning up a room that was totally trashed? By the time the desk drawers won’t shut and the chair disguises as an unseen colony of clothes and clutter — when the last shoe has finally dropped and you’ve been surrounded by the law of gravity — it’s time to do the “big stuff” first.

The glaring things.  The obvious things.

This is the easy part of cleaning.

But I struggle with what to do after I clean the ” Big Stuff”.

Why?  Because underneath the “Big Stuff” are the  chief culprits of what makes my office messy.   It is what is not necessarily seen by the eye at first glance.   It is the thin layer of dust in the corners, on the baseboards and on the shelves.   Pockets of disarray you didn’t notice before, but now — with all the major problems taken care of — they cry out for a complete cleaning.

So with my mighty “swiffer” in hand,  I attempt to tackle those unseen and hard to reach places that need my attention.  I start with quick short swipes and then I realize that I am making a bigger mess.  The faster I go the worse I made the dust fly around the room.  I need to slow down and take a methodical approach to cleaning those layers of dust.

On and on it goes, it never seems to stop.   The more I clean…the more I find.   The light exposes another patch of dust, desperately trying to hide from my mighty “swiffer”.   At times I just want to stop, there just seems to be way too much dust to keep going.    I even try to convince myself that my allergies are reacting to the dust so that I can get out of finishing the job.

However, I press on.  Soon I see the fruits of my labor.  The hard work has paid off and I have cleaned the whole room… it is spotless.   I could wipe the corners with a white glove and not pick up any of the dust that was there just a few hours before.

As a Christian,  I am reminded that this is how it is in our Christian walk.  Many times it is easier to take care of the “Big Stuff”  (i.e. sins) that we need to take care in our lives.  However, for most of us, it is the small unseen things in our lives that keep us from doing the right thing for the cause for Christ. Bitterness, pride, regret, resentment, disappointment and anger are just a few things that are not necessarily seen by the eye but keep us from having a “right” relationship with Jesus Christ.

We need to stay constantly open to the white glove of God’s Word.  He wants us to realize that the “dust” that we hide in our lives can be more of a problem than we think.  God wants us to constantly rid…clean…lay aside the “baggage “that keeps us from serving Him.

Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.  – Hebrews 12:1

Take time to consider about what keeps you from really doing something for God.

Then…start cleaning today.  You will soon see the fruits of your labor.

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