Day: August 31, 2010

Fairy Dust and Getting My Act Together

I got hit right in the mouth.

I got hit so hard that over 24 hours later I am still reeling from the punch.

Each and every time I have ever got hit in the mouth,  it got my attention real quick.   This punch was no different from any other I have ever experienced in my life.   A short right cross to the mouth…I never saw it coming.

It got my attention.

Now before you start to think that I got punched in the mouth, I better clarify… No,  I did not physically get hit  in the mouth but the results are just about the same.

The punch was not a physical one but a spiritual one and it hit me as hard as any “truth” has ever hit me.

God has been telling me to quit “trying” to get my act together and stop waiting on Him.  He is not the delay in keeping me from starting to “really” serve Him again.

I became a believer in 1970, two days after my brother was killed in a car / train accident.  My Aunt Brenda led me to the Lord in the back of Robinson’s Funeral Home in Oak Harbor, Ohio.  My Aunt told me how Jesus Christ died for my sins.  She told me that there was nothing I could do to earn my way to heaven.  Being a good person, doing charity work or going to church was not going to get me into heaven.  I had to acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross for me.  That He paid the debt for my sin and that I had to believe in Him and ask Him into my life.  If I confessed my sins to Him, that He would forgive me of those sins and accept me into His family and prepare a place in heaven for me.  I did just that and I still believe that He has done what He has promised.  He is preparing a place in heaven for me and I believe that only through Jesus Christ can I receive salvation.

However, in the forty years since that fateful day in the back of that funeral home, I still struggle with doing everything that I believe God wanted me to do.  So many times as I look back on my life as a believer and wonder what could have been.  These days I sit and wonder what might happen in the future.

Now surely you know am I joking when I say that it’s like I still am waiting for God’s  “fairy dust”  to be sprinkled on my life and somehow I will be placed in a position to “really” serve God.  But as silly as this sounds, I don’t think I am the only one who has thought this way.   I know many people  have expressed it to me in different ways, but in the end, they are still “waiting” on God to show them which way to go.

I am finally learning that God doesn’t sprinkle “fairy dust” on us and then suddenly we know which way to go….or suddenly I will get my act together and really start serving Him.  There is no “fairy dust” and God is patiently waiting for me start serving Him with more and more of my life.

I always used these excuses that I needed to get my act together.   Only then will I be able to do something for God.  All I had was a few more issues to work out and then I will be ready to serve God.

How many times have you used these same excuses?  I know I have used them many times over the past forty years.

I have even convinced myself that I needed to “really need to work on this or that and then I could do something for Him”.

Does that sound familiar?  Have you told yourself that?

Unfortunately,  HERE IS THE TRUTH…you are NEVER going to have it all together!!!

It is about time you face it.   Striving for perfection is NOT going to work.   Without His grace, forgiveness, and mercy…we are nothing and can do nothing!  We are never going to be good enough, Holy enough, or have it all together enough to earn the right to serve Him.  It is only through His grace, His righteousness that we can accomplish what He has laid for us to do.  It’s not through our works, but His grace.  It’s not through our worthiness, but His righteousness.  It’s not on our strength, but through His!

So…quit looking for “fairy dust”…it doesn’t exist.   Accept the fact that you will NEVER get your act together enough to earn the right to serve God.

You need to stop waiting on God, because in truth, all this time…He has been waiting on You.