Unplanned Detour

First of all, I owe an apology to my readers.  If memory serves me correctly I have only posted a few installments to this blog this month.   That doesn’t mean I haven’t written.  As a matter of fact, I have over 40 postings just waiting to be published on the site.   It also doesn’t mean I have not had visitors to my blog.  So far this month, I have had just over 7000 visitors to my blog site.   People looking for some comic relief by reading my random drivel, I’m sure.

With that being said, I do apologize for not posting more during this past month.  I have received a few emails and inquiries asking me if I was going to post more and I have responded to them, informing them that I will indeed post more often in the future.  However, for right now,  I think I will let most of them ferment a little longer in my “hold” box.   The reason?

I recently learned that certain plans I was working toward would need to be put on hold. I have been so focused on making it happen, that when I changed directions, I was surprised at how it influenced the way I thought about things.  It was a very discouraging, frustrating, and a down right irritation to me. This unplanned detour has left me not feeling  good about posting without having something to say.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were willing to do whatever it took to make it happen?  You work out all the details and you try your best to make sure that you do everything possible to be successful.  Only to find out that it wasn’t enough…or it wasn’t good enough?

As I complained to a friend about how frustrated I was at not being able to do what I wanted , he shared this verse with me  from Proverbs 20:24:

Man’s steps are ordained by the LORD,
How then can man understand His way?

I am aware of the fact that I am a tad bit strong-willed.  Sometimes I get so occupied with something that “I” want to do that fail to stop and consider what “He” wants me to do.   The lesson here is often times we make our own plans, but God has a different plan in mind.  Regardless of how good our intent is with what we want to do, sometimes God just wants us to wait on Him. I suppose all of us face these types of situations in our lives at different times, and for different reasons. In my case, my strong-will and my lack of patience are burdens that many times keep me from truly being used by God.

It’s funny how God directs our paths.  It is true…I know that I don’t always understand His ways.  But this truth I know,  He has an amazing route planned for our lives and when we finally let Him lead He takes us on a most wonderful journey.   It’s as if God had all of this lined up for us, but was waiting for us to let Him be Lord over our plans.  I’m so glad that God determines our steps. He has an amazing way of working in our lives if we will let Him lead us down His paths.

His paths, twisting as they seem at times, always tell a much more interesting story in the end and contain the richest blessings.   My prayer is to stay on the path He has laid out for me.  How about you?


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