Not everything turns out as you had hoped.

Not every dream comes true.

Not every friend stays close.

Not every prayer is answered.

Not every fear happens.

(Sounds like Ecclesiastes, doesn’t it?)

I’ve just been thinking about people and their lives and the choices they have made in this life.   I have lived through the results of the choices that I made.    Over the course of nearly 50 years of me making the choices for my life, it doesn’t take long to see the evidence of the results of those choices.  Some of the choices I have made were exactly the right ones…exactly what God wanted for my life.  However, there have been choices that I made that were not and the results of those poor choices have left marks and scars in my life.  Constant reminders of making the wrong choice.   I am not alone in these poor choices.  Everyone makes them.  No one is exempt.

We all do that….the sad fate of men and women in a fallen world…we all make poor choices.   I’m always in awe as I read 2 Samuel 11 as David makes a whole chapter full of bad choices, and God said nothing.   He simply “stepped off the stage” and waited for David to play out the story.   David took another man’s wife, tried to cover up the sin, and finally had the husband killed.   At the end of the chapter God says this,

“But the thing that David had done was evil in the sight of the LORD.”

Life is messy!   For all our desire to live for God we still sin.   We still make mistakes.  We still choose poorly.

God is so good to us to graciously love us, care for us, and draw us to Himself.   It is such a blessing to already have our sins dealt with at the cross.   It’s such a glorious thing that God has done to forgive our every sin and take care of it all when we receive Him as our Savior.

The rest of my life is a growing into God dependence, allowing Him to do in and through me what I cannot do on my own (note Romans 7).   It’s wonderful to have the sin issue taken care of, now my life is focused on the constant goal of setting myself aside for His use (sanctification), allowing Him to live His life through me.   It’s messy, and I don’t always get it right, but it’s how He chose to work and it is my desire to be used by God again.

Hopefully that is your desire in you life as well.  My prayer is that the Lord would do for you what you cannot do on your own, that He  would live through you and show the rest of the world what He looks like by the choices you make.

It’s up to you.

Choose wisely.


One thought on “Choices

  1. Well said. We all make good and bad choices. The sad fact of history is that we don’t learn from history – so we continue to make bad choices.

    However, I hope we can also say that because of the continuing work of God in our lives, the bad choices are becoming fewer and we are more prompt to turn to the Lord immediately when faced with a choice, and allow Him to control our thoughts, desires and actions.

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