Where Are You?

I woke up way too early this morning.   As a matter of fact, it was actually in the middle of the night.   Most nights I get about 5 hours of sleep, but for some reason I woke up at 3:30 AM.  I tried my best to try to go back to sleep but the longer I tried to force myself the more wide awake I became.  It was no use and I  felt like I would be tossing and turning  for a few hours no matter what, so I got up and trudged my way into my office down the hall.

Once there, I logged on my computer and looked to see if anyone else was up and on FACEBOOK.  No luck…I checked my inbox for mail, again no luck, so I  just started surfing the net.   Bored out of my mind, I logged on to Bible Gateway and started to read scripture.  I love doing that sometimes…just reading all of the different versions and looking at the differences in the text.  Anyway…I started reading the first three chapters of Genesis.  When I got through these very familiar verses about creation and the fall of man,  I was particularly drawn to Genesis 3:9.
Then the LORD God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?”

It’s a question that has haunted me all day.  It’s the first recorded question ever asked in history. It’s God’s first question to man, “Where are you?”

I don’t want to focus on Adam’s response, but on God’s question.   It is a question that echos through time.   I’m sure it’s a question that he asks us if we were listening.   It’s God’s question as he looks for his man. “Where are you?”   Now, what I know about God tells me it wasn’t a question for him, but for the man.   He’s God, he knew where Adam was.   He was asking the question to evoke a response from Adam.   Where are you?   Are you aware that you aren’t where I left you in our relationship together? Do you know that you have moved?   Are you aware yourself that you have moved away from God? Have you looked around to see where you have come to?   Where are you?

For some of us this question is hard to answer.   We have been so long wandering away from God that we are literally lost.   We have no idea where we are.   Like Adam our response when we find we are lost is fear, embarrassment and avoidance.   We hide from God….the very one out searching for us….the very one we need to run to, but sadly, in our quest for our own way, we have lost our way completely.
And so God is on a quest for his man that began at the fall and will continue until the end of this world. His question continues to be asked of each man and woman he searches out, “Where are you?”   In your pursuit of your own way have you lost your way entirely?   Do you even know where you are?   Do you know God is looking for you?   As I watch a wandering world and listen to a searching God it’s quite clear that God’s quest for his man, for you and me, is a love quest.   A quest to recapture the relationship he designed us to have.

So today, as you look at the day ahead, the month ahead, where are YOU?   As God searches for you have you allowed fear to make you run and hide from him?   Are you lost?   Are you embarrassed by your sin?   You need to know that a loving father is looking for you, he cares about you, he’s asking, “Where are you?”

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