Day: December 20, 2010

The Undiscovered Gift

Late last week I sent a package to Ashburn, Virginia.   I sent it UPS.    It was a Christmas gift for my niece.   I haven’t heard from my sister to know that she received it yet.   Christmas is almost here and I’ve heard nothing from them.   It really isn’t a big deal…just a inexpensive, simple gift from her uncle.   The bigger issue for me is for her to know that we care for her and that we want her to know this gift awaits.

I wonder…is this how God feels about us?  He’s sent the gift, but many still have not received it yet.  It is just waiting for us to accept it.  God sent His Son to this earth, which is why we celebrate Christmas.  But the Christmas  story doesn’t end there, for the gift that was given that day in Bethlehem was not wrapped up in His birth but rather the gift was wrapped up in His death on the cross.  For it is there we see the gift of salvation and a way to seek and find forgiveness for our sins.  It was freely given and all we have to do is accept it.

The gift is there for you today…it is not too late.  It’s sitting there, waiting for its discovery.   Imagine how God must feel to hear so many say, “God doesn’t care. He doesn’t love me.”   When all along this gift of salvation awaits discovery.   All you have to do is know that it has arrived and receive it.   Christmas provided that gift.   God’s gift of His Son is that undiscovered gift.

Merry Christmas to all and I hope you find the true gift of Christmas this year.