It’s Always a Two Trip Project

Sometimes I feel that doing home repairs can be tedious and frustrating.  At least it is for me.  I can’t finish a project with less that two trips to the hardware store.   Part way through the work I find I need a bolt, a bracket, a wrench and off I go for that thing I need to finish what I started.   Then, there is always the second trip for the other things I didn’t know I needed.

A few months ago I was busy with remodeling our kitchen.  I was in the process of removing the old counter tops and that required me to cut the water lines in order to take off the faucet.  The faucet was fairly new and I wasn’t replacing it but now I needed to replace a portion of the water line.  It seemed an easy job, but of course that’s not possible… least not for me.   After much pain and contortion I got the new counter top in,  I attached the faucet and the new water line.  I turned on the water to test it and sure enough… IT LEAKED!

Again…off to the hardware store…Teflon tape, silicon sealant and the ever faithful duct tape.   More repairs, contortion and pain….one more time to turn on the water and it STILL leaked!   Ok, what’s going on?   Where is this coming from? I know it’s never where you think it is and so I was on a quest for the source.   Then I find it.   The leak is coming from the new water lines …and so….one more trip to the hardware store.   After much pain and twice as much time as it should have taken we now have beautiful new counter tops and a faucet that doesn’t leak.   No one will ever know all it took to make it happen, but I know.

My Christian life is like that.   Sometimes it’s messy.  Things don’t always go well or easily.   There’s a lot of pain involved in getting things to work as I add new “fixtures” to my walk with God.   There the frequent visits to His Word for instructions on how it should work, what went wrong and what I need to do in order to fix it….and then I’m back at it working once more to see if I can get it right.   It’s often frustrating, often discouraging…there’s the feeling that I’ll never get it right.   It will never work as advertised, but then, when I’m finished there are wonderful new fixtures to my Christian life that through much pain and suffering look really good.  I enjoy the finished product.

It looks easy from the outside…but only I know what it really took to get the results that are here today.

So if you are in the middle of God’s handiwork and He is “re-modeling” you and your walk with Him.  Don’t be afraid of going back to the hardware store (God’s Word) for more supplies and advice more than once…you’ll love the finished product.


One thought on “It’s Always a Two Trip Project

  1. I often find that when “projects” in my life are in progress I blame God or ask why is this not going right. But, then i find myself looking to God for help and realize that all along it was not God doing the wrong or giving me lemons, but it was indeed myself. Sometimes projects gone wrong do provide a beautiful end. I have plenty to showcase.

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