The Rough Road Ahead

One of the things I realize, in my quest to serve the Lord, is that the road ahead for most of us is not smooth, straight or well paved.   Life doesn’t work that way.   There are rough roads ahead for us.  It’s up and down, twists and turns, bumps at times and occasionally smooth.   This is the life of a believer.  Because we become a believer or commit our life to serving God our life doesn’t stop having problems.  The paths that we once walked will change and where it once was smooth it will now be rough and filled with holes and problems.   It’s never predictable, rarely smooth and often feels like a roller coaster ride.

The road traveled by most people is one that is filled with the least amount of resistance.  Most people want just smooth traveling with no disruption of their life.   But this is not the way reality is for the believer.  I believe that God shakes things up to get our attention.  Just when we think we have this thing called life figured out we suddenly hit another turn, another dip, another rough spot that we didn’t anticipate.  I believe that God allows these things to happen and it isn’t intended to make your life hard, it’s intended to change your dependencies….to change what you trust, who you trust and challenge you to grasp eternal things.  God intends it for us to learn to become more dependant upon Him and not on our own power.

If you understand that this is the normal life of a believer then it doesn’t seem to bother you so much when the next dip in the road happens.

I think that’s why old age is such a blessing from God.   I have traveled down some roads that I never thought I would survive.  Roads that were dark and seemed to never end.  Roads that were filled with challenges I never wanted to face.  There were times that I felt like I could no longer continue down that road and then God smoothed out a patch of road for me.  He straightened the curves and there seemed to be less hills to climb.  He allowed me to re-group and prepare for the next challenge and the next patch of rough road that was in my future.

To be honest, the ups and downs, turns and twists, rough spots and hard days are all blessings from God who is using each these things to draw us closer to Him.  I am thankful for these journeys that I have traveled.  They have taught me so much about God and His grace.  He is teaching me to lean more on Him each day and not on my own power and understanding.

Each one of us are on a journey.  Through His Word, God gives us directions and a map.  He tells us where the dead-end streets are and He tells us that we are heading down the wrong way.  He gives us places on the map where we can find rest (church) and He tells us that there is only One Way (Jesus Christ) to get to our destination.

But make no mistake…  for the believer and the unbeliever… there will be rough roads ahead.

Are you prepared?


One thought on “The Rough Road Ahead

  1. Great post. I have also traveled many difficult paths. I have always said that if there was no darkness, you couldn’t appreciate the light. If there is no sadness you cannot appreciate joy. I have noticed that after a bad “path” that I have grown stronger and that the following “path” is much more enjoyable because of the hardship.

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