A Love Story

I was listening to the local Christian radio station this morning as I drove to work.   I  was listening to the host of the morning show as he shared what God has been doing in his life.   Overall he had a lot of good things to say, but I began to notice that when spoke he had a tendency to say things that I am not sure he wanted to convey.   I think we all can do that, I have found myself saying things that if I would stop and  evaluate the exact words I said, I probably would want to take them back.  It is even true when I write, there are times when I read back the written words and I suddenly see the ideas were not as clearly described as I first thought.  

As the DJ shared his story,  he said the following statement,

“The gospel is a love story where Jesus is the hero. It’s all about Him, what He has done. It has nothing to do with us at all, nothing.”

It’s often true that when we continue to speak we say things we shouldn’t and in these three short sentences I so wish he had stopped after the first two.  He spoke well at the beginning, but finished with an error.   In fact, the work of salvation, the glory for all that was done indeed goes to Christ.  That is true.  He is the Lord of heaven and earth, He is the glory of the church, but it’s not true that it has nothing to do with us at all.   In fact, it has everything to do with us!!!   The whole purpose of the gospel was to provide a way of salvation to mankind.  If mankind was able to save himself, there would have been no need for Jesus Christ to die on the cross. 

The bottom line, is that the story of the gospel is the greatest love story ever written.  It is a love story of God’s amazing rescue plan for the human race.   It has EVERYTHING to do with us!   We are the reason he came.   The gospel is God’s wonderful good news for a lost race unable to rescue itself.   All the glory and praise for salvation and grace go to Jesus, but the gospel has everything to do with us…..we are the objects of His love demonstrated at the cross.  We are part of the gospel story and we are the  reason He came!  


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