Leaving A Legacy

In a few short weeks I am going to be grandpa.   There is a big part of me that is so ready to move on into that stage of my life.   I look forward to working on being a better example to my grandson and future grandchildren than I have been to my children.

In my opinion, the most important thing I can do is pass on to the next generation is what God has done for me.   My legacy is not the failure in my past, how much money I made or anything like that.  It is the stories about what God has done in my life is most important.

I often ask those who are older than I am to tell me their stories. The stories of God’s touch in their lives are my favorite.   Then I ask, “have you told your stories to your kids, your grand kids?” Sadly, the answer is often “no.”   I so wish that somehow they could write them down, talk about and share what God has done in their lives with those who they love.   It’s the stories of what God has done for us that will leave memories for those who are our mission field….our children and grandchildren.

Have you told your grandchildren your stories?   Have you written them down? Let me encourage you to do two things today,  1. Read Psalms 78.  It’s the invitation to tell the coming generation about God’s work in our lives, and 2. write down and tell your story to your children, your grandchildren.

It’s your stories that will touch their lives. 

Do it before it is too late.

One thought on “Leaving A Legacy

  1. Your writing is strong. You write well. I like and appreciate the feeling you are able to capture and pour into those vessels we call “words”. May your words live long and be seen
    by many. I will visit often. Signed, Kendra–the Word Artist Lady

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