Choose Wisely

Have you really considered that you are part of a drama that will play out into eternity?  Some think their actions and their choices have no consequence to anyone but them, but that is simply not true.  

There are no solitary souls only living for themselves.

We all live now and out into eternity.   We each make choices that affect not only us but also those around us for generations to come. 

How you answer one simple question will impact every future decision you make.  It will affect your wife or husband.  It will affect your children and grandchildren.

How you respond to one simple  question can have consequences far beyond anything we could ever think possible.

These are not insignificant choices we are making, they are not irrelevant decisions, their weight is more than you can ever imagine.   Each decision has an impact on you and on your relationship with those  people around you.   Each choice you make has impact on lives and on eternity.   It will change you eternally.

Don’t fool yourself, your choices are not small and they are not minor.   If you only knew….if you only understood that the choices you make today will echo into eternity.

It is all wrapped up in how you answer this one simple question… 

Are you ready to turn your life over to Jesus Christ?

I would be glad to discuss this and answer any questions you may have concerning your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Just leave a comment to this post and I will respond.  (I will not publish your comments to this post).

Choose Wisely.


2 thoughts on “Choose Wisely

  1. Long time follower of Christ. In a situation with illness, been rebelling and angry. Month or so ago I cried out I was damned and that God needed to come fix me or I would be. I know nothing is unforgivable. Iknow He is love. My body and choices regarding it have beencontrary to what I needed to be doing. I am far beyond desperate and ashamed and falling apart. Problem is He didrescue me from this and then I went back and am crying all the tiem tormented. I feel horrible and afraid alot. I followed after allkinds of different ministers and lost my foundation and on and on. The adversary comes like a flood and with my mind hurting and body weak and anger I am desperate. Thanks. Adam

  2. Adam,

    Sounds like you are in the middle of some serious things in your life. I can only say that I too have been down and faced some spiritual and Physical challenges due to the choices I made in my life. God is faithful to forgive us and He wants us to remain faithful to Him in that process. It is extremely hard to hold on to God when it doesn’t make sense to you to do so at the time. But hold on…things do get better and things will work out. God promises us that they will…it may not be on our timing…but on His. I will add you to my prayer list and pray for you for the next month. Please let me know how things are going. In closing, let me encourage you to remain faithful to God while you are going through this trial and you can send me an email and I will respond. (

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