Just Wondering…

Tonight was the “Do something Awards” on VH1.   Nothing to get too excited about and it held my attention for… oh… 4 seconds.  I quickly turned the channel and settled in to watch my beloved Cleveland Indian’s beat the White Sox.

Ideas and slogans like this are everywhere. The idea is simple- don’t waste your life, do something!  It’s the doing that matters most in our culture….just do something, be remarkable, do something memorable.

But I just wonder…..is doing something the most important thing?  I wonder if being someone isn’t the lost secret.  I’m convinced that it’s not what you do that’s important, but who you are.  The secret is not in the doing, but in the being.

I don’t think God’s as interested in what we do as he is in who we are….because who we are will determine what we do. We, in our culture, are focused on the “do”, but God is focused on the “be”.  We are in a culture of conquest….do great things, make a lot of money, get an education, accomplish something great, but inwardly we are empty and heartless.  We have spent all our time working on the things that won’t last and neglected the things that will….the eternal things of the soul.

It’s simple.  Work from the inside out, not from the outside in.  Greatness isn’t measured by the “kingdom” you create, but by the man or woman you are inside.  Truly great people may have little to show in the way of possessions, but are immensely rich of soul and spirit.  As you begin your day focus on the right things…work from the inside out.  Starting from the heart and working out will make a big difference in focus, direction and results…..because God’s not as interested in what you do as He is in who you are because who you are will determine what you do.


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