Bad News on The Rise

One of my morning rituals, like many of you, is to read the news.   It’s becoming quite clear that nothing ever changes.   The news is the same every day, they just change the names and the places.  

Every day a celebrity does something wrong.

Every day there is war somewhere.

Every day there is conflict and chaos.

Every day someone is killed by another.

Every day another hate crime.

Every day the news is the same.

Just seems that there is bad news everywhere we turn.


I would love to read the news one morning and find that we have done things right.

It won’t happen until Christ returns, but imagine the morning news in this way:

Today God is on the throne, those who have extra are helping those who don’t, no one was shot anywhere, no one cried last night as they went to sleep, no baby felt unloved anywhere, there were no hate crimes yesterday anywhere we can report.

Imagine such a place.   It would be the most wonderful place, wouldn’t it?

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