Month: September 2011

Hold On, Never Let Go and Keep Climbing

I have a fear of heights.  Because of this, I would not make a good mountain climber.   I am sure I would be the guy fearing a fall instead of enjoying the view.   It’s a challenge to enjoy the moments when life and death are in the balance, but there are three simple rules for a mountain climber:

1.  Hold On.

2. Never Let Go.

3.  Keep Climbing. 

Mountain climbing is a lot like the Christian life, is just hard work at times, but the rewards are amazing.    As the climber nears the summit there is a growing excitement in both the quest and the distance down.   The key thing to remember is this – all the work and effort will rewarded at the summit, it will be worth the work, just hold on and keep climbing.  You may not be at the top yet, but you are further than you were an hour ago.

This is how it is for our Christian walk.   I think our walk as a Christian is wrapped up in taking each step in our climb to the summit dependent of Jesus Christ for our strength.  We need to follow the same basic rules as a mountain climber…

1.  Hold on 

2.  Never Let Go

3.  Keep Climbing

Hold onto God, your faith, the Word and other believers.  Hold on, and keep climbing, don’t stop! There’s no place to rest here, the only rest is at the summit.

Keep going, don’t give up.   It will be worth all the pain it takes to get us through to the top.