Day: October 17, 2011


Last night as I was driving home from dinner with my lovely wife.   High in the night sky was the moon.  Not quite a full moon but it was just hanging there in the majestic sky.   Then some small clouds pass in front of the glow of the moon, we both commented on how beautiful it looked.  The clouds continued to pass by the moon and at times obscured our vision so much we could hardly make out the shape of the moon.  All we could see is the glow as it glistened off the passing clouds.

With the glow of this beautiful moon filling my windshield as I drove, I began to think about the illustration this was showing me.  I pondered this… the moon has no light of its own, it emits nothing by itself, all the light coming in my windshield as I drove was a reflection of the sun that had long since set behind me!  A cloud may sometimes obscure our vision of the moon but we can still see clearly the reflection of the sun by the glow behind the clouds.

Then it dawned on me that it’s clear from scripture that this is my job too.   I have no light of my own, but I am invited by God to reflect His glory and His son Jesus Christ to the world around me.   If I don’t get in the way the world is drawn to His reflection and wants to know where that light comes from.

Like the moon last night, my job is simply to reflect the glory of God.   The goal is to not obscure the light of Jesus Christ so I pray I don’t get in the way of His reflection in my life.  

That is the goal of my life.  I want people to see the glow of  God’s Son living in me.