The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

It’s a new morning.  The sun has risen.   No one ever is surprised by this.   Just like every other morning since the  creation of time the sun has risen.   We are used to it.   It’s pretty much expected by us, isn’t it?  

For many people it is just a matter of astronomy and science.  The earth just orbits around the sun while it spins on its axis.  Thus creating our days and nights.  To them it is as simple as that.  

For me, it is something a little more divine.  I understand the principles of science and the rotation around the sun.   But I also believe that the complexity and wonder of science is created by the very hand of God.  I am a creationist.  I believe that all things were created by Him.  Do I understand how He did everything?   No, but I do believe that God created all things and He did it with the complexity that has baffled scientists since the beginning of recorded history. 

I have been told that it is too easy to simply believe that God created everything.   They say that too many things need an explanation and reason for existence.   However, for me, that is why it is called faith.  Am I to believe that all of this happened by mere happenstance?  Just random matter bouncing off each other and it formed itself into the world we have today?  That takes way more trust than the faith I have that God created all things.   I believe and I don’t need an explanation on every detail on how it all works together.

Why? Because a faithful God is showing us how to trust Him.  Every morning the sun rises in the Eastern sky and His faithful nature is giving us the light of day.   It’s a constant reminder that we need to place our trust in God.  He is the same as He has always been, faithful to care for us, able to do so and do it lovingly.    

So, this morning, as I see the first glimmer of light over the horizon I’m thankful for God’s care, His love, His provision and His power to accomplish good things for us.

Thank You Lord for the sun today and as you promised… the sun will come up tomorrow.


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