When I Am Afraid

“When I am afraid….”  These words were written by one of the most fearsome, brave warriors of his day, King David.   He was a fearless!  He was the King.   He was no coward and yet fear was a problem he had to deal with in his life…..just as we do in ours.  

We are such fearful little creatures on this tiny planet in the vast Universe.   This year will be fearful for many.   Make some noise and fear rises in our hearts.   Tell us there is crisis in the marketplace and panic  ensues.   As an election year many are afraid of what will happen in the Presidential race.  Almost everything we fear we have no control over and could not change the results even if we wanted to.

Like David, we all deal with fear.   We all know the world around us is not in our control.   We all live with imminent fear in our lives.  How do we respond?   What do we do when fear rises in our hearts?

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You. In God, whose Word I praise, In God I have put my trust;I shall not be afraid. What can mere  man do to me?”      Psalm 56:3-4

“I will put my trust in You.”   The solution to the fears we experience is someone, something big enough to calm them.   Someone able to resolve them.   David said that his first response to fear was to trust in God. We all run to something when fear rises in our hearts, what is it?   Do we run to the bank account?   Is our first response a call to a loved one?   Is our trust in the government?   Our job?   Our family?   When fear rises we need someone, something able to resolve that fear, calm our anxiety.   David trusted in God.   Who or in what do you place your trust?

“In God, whose Word I praise in God I have put me trust; I shall not be afraid.   What can mere man do to me?”   There is one last thing about dealing with fear that is important – you have to know that the one you trust to resolve it is really able to help.   David, after many experiences with fear, had found that God was trustworthy, able to calm his fears, able to solve his problems.   He knew his solution for fear was someone….God himself.   What can man do to you when the creator of the universe is your helper?   What do you have to fear when God is your refuge?

As one of the fearful on this tiny little planet, I’m so glad I have a big God who can calm my anxious heart and deal with my fearful mind.  It all starts by placing your trust in Him.


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