These Times Are Hard But They Will Pass

As I grow older, I find that life comes at me in waves.  Waves of blessings and sometimes waves of trials.  When the good waves come, I love the way they hold me up and carry me to wonderful places of peace and contentment.  Then, at times, the bad waves come and they engulf my life to the point that I just want to give up.

This past week or so I have been caught in the depths of a period of time when wave after wave all I see are trials and problems.  I spent a good portion of the last week in the hospital for blood clots and a blood infection.  My right leg had swelled up to over twice the normal size and then I had a bad reaction to the antibiotic that I was initially given.  Then, as I get released from the hospital, I come home wanting to spend the first night back in my own bed, I end up dealing with the 8 inches of water that is pouring into my basement due to series of storms that passed through my hometown.  We have never had that much rain come down in the hour and a half the storm lasted.  I spent the night watching the water rise and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

The last few days have been filled with helping my wife clean up the mess caused by the flood.  I did what I could (considering my health issues) and I am so thankful for my wife.  She has worked so hard and she has kept everything together.   My son, Nathan and my brother-in-law Mark were a big help as well.  Without all of them I would really have been in a bad situation. 

Waves come and go.   We so easily think that when we are crushed by a wave that this is the way it will always be.   We’re wet, beat up, tired, off-balance with the force of the wave, but the wave will pass…another will come soon, but that will pass as well.   The challenge for us is to realize that these waves of both good and bad are part of the normal tides of life.  Bad things happen to all of us.  We hate hearing that a loved one has cancer or that someone lost their job.  Life has never been easy.  God never promised us that we would be trouble-free.  So don’t let one wave knock you off your feet and defeat you.  It will pass and the next one might be an amazing blessing.

One thing for sure….life on our little world is never boring!   There’s always another wave coming to make your life exciting.  Anticipate what’s ahead, don’t dread it.   God is in charge of your life and if the wave brings flooding and problems, remember it’s just one wave.  It will pass, you will grow in faith and God will work in your life.

 Enjoy the good waves when they come.   Endure the hard ones.  They are all part of a life lived.


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