Let Me See This World Thru Your Eyes

We all wear masks.  

Masks that hide who we really are.

Masks to keep people from ever really seeing the real you.  Masks that tell others we are “ok” when we really aren’t.  Masks that allow us to be accepted by those that we want acceptance from.  Masks that we wear so often that we even convince ourselves that that is who we really are.  We do this so often that many times we do it without any thought. It is just the natural progression of our typical day.

It starts early in life.

Every morning when we wake up and put on our first mask of the day.  We have many of them.  We have a mask for our children and family to see, a mask for our spouse to see and another mask for work.  We put on a new mask for when you are out with friends and another mask for those we hardly know.  We have a mask that we wear to church and we wear a mask to do our grocery shopping.  A mask for all the different situations of our life.  Some of these masks are better than others.

Why do we wear masks?

We wear them to hide our insecurities.  To cover what we are afraid of.   To hide the fact they we are unhappy about where we are in life.   We wear masks to cover our failures in life, we wear them to hide the “real” person we are.  In public, we all want to show that we have it together and that all is well,but in most situations that is the farthest thing from the truth.

We hide behind these masks and we actually think we keep it from everyone what and who we really are.  But just like our sin that we think we keep private… it is no secret.  God knows.

He has identified the true person we really are and what we really have done in our lives.  He sees us.  A mask doesn’t keep Him from knowing what we have done and He sees every aspect of us.   

I often wonder what the world would look like if I could see this world thru His eyes?  Would I love those I come in contact with if I could see what God sees?    If I could see what others struggle with it would it change how I interact with them? If I could see that a friend is insecure how would I treat them and comfort them?  If I could see that a neighbor is afraid what would I do?  If I could see that a co-worker is depressed what would I say?   If we could see what’s really going on with each other it would change everything.  

What’s fascinating to me is that God does see.   He hears the unspoken words, he knows the unheard thoughts, he knows us. And because He knows,  He deals with people in a merciful and gracious way.   He sees us as we really are and yet He still loves us.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”       John 3:16

I shudder to the depths of my soul to know He sees me as I really am.   I know this, that in spite of what He sees, He loves me.  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die on a cross specifically for me.  He did the same for you.

My prayer is that I can catch a glimpse of what God sees when He looks at me.  If I could see this world the way He sees it, I just know I would serve Him more faithfully.

Let me see this world, dear Lord,
As though I were looking through Your eyes.
A world of men who don’t want You Lord,
But a world for which You died.

Let me kneel with You in the garden,
Blur my eyes with tears of agony;
For if once I could see this world the way You see,
I just know I’d serve You more faithfully.

Let me see this world, dear Lord,
Through Your eyes when men mock Your Holy Name.
When they beat You and spat upon You, Lord,
Let me love them as You loved them just the same.

Let me stand high above my petty problems,
And grieve for men, hell bound eternally;
For if once I could see this world the way You see,
I just know I’d serve You more faithfully.

May this be my prayer for the rest of my life.


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