Day: April 5, 2012

Good Friday… A Final Solution for Mankind

On Good Friday, we remember the most horrible and wonderful day in human history. It stands alone as a day that tells us God loves us, understands our pain, and has provided a solution for our sins.

In one day more than 2,000 years ago God declared, through what we all saw at the time as a terrible failure, that He loved us and had provided the final solution for sin.  I have heard many call the Christian faith a bloody religion.  It is.  But what they don’t realize is that through the sacrifice of one man (Jesus Christ) the forgiveness of sin and restoration of all things has been accomplished once for all.

I am one believer who has said yes to this free gift of love and forgiveness.   I am one who understands how wonderful this horrible day was.

In the death of Jesus Christ eternal life was provided for everyone.  I am a grateful recipient of this eternal life.  It is offered to anyone who trusts Christ and accepts Him into their life.   Because of His sacrifice, my sins are forgiven, I have new life, I have a relationship with God, I am now His son.  I’ve been bought back and given life rather than death.   Eternally I will have the joy of saying thank you to the God who loved me so much.

It seems wrong to celebrate such a horrible day as Good Friday, but in that terrible sacrifice the final solution was provided for all of mankind.  I will always be thankful for His sacrifice and in that sacrifice I will now and forever rejoice.