Close Calls and Difficult Days

As I watched the following video,  I wondered how many times have I been this close to losing my own life and didn’t realize it?   How often has God had to protect me from certain death and I was oblivious to the situation?

I can name a few situations in my life when there was no question that God clearly intervened and kept me from serious injury or even death.  One of my most memorable experiences was when I was a building a bonfire for the students during Spirit Week when I was teaching and coaching years ago.   After piling up the wood, I lit the pile and proceeded to watch it burn.   It had rained the previous day and some of the wood on the bottom of the pile was still damp and would not burn and the fire went out.  So, not using any common sense, I proceeded to get a gas can and dump some gas on the bottom to get the fire going again.   I actually did that and started the fire without incident. 

The problem was that when I stepped back to see how well the fire going I saw that I had set the gas can down too close to the fire and now fire was racing over towards the can.  Without thinking, I ran towards the can and grabbed the handle and was moving it away from the fire.  The can was on fire and I was running with it in my hands.  It was full of gas.  As a matter of fact, I only used a small amount to start the fire and now I was carrying a bomb ready to explode. 

This is where God intervened. 

The cap was off the gas can and gasoline was spilling all over me and over the can as I was racing away from the fire.  I could feel the heat from the flames that surrounded  the can and I swear I could feel the fire on my legs and arms.  Fire was trailing me as I spilled gas on the ground behind me.  You could see the path that I was running because you could see those flames chasing after me.  Then as quickly as I had picked up the can and started running I stopped and set the can down.  The fire went out.  I was covered in gasoline and the fire simply went out.  To this very day, I am amazed that  I was not covered with burns and that the can did not continue to burn.  Not one hair on my body was singed.  Without question…it was the hand of God.

Most of us could probably share stories just like this one about how God protected us in some bad situations.  I am so thankful for His protection in times like that. 

However, I am talking about times when I am oblivious to His protective hand.  How many times have we left our house only to get in the car and realize that we left something on the table and had to go back in.  As irritating as that was , we realize that had we not been delayed we could have been in the serious car accident that took place just moments before at the intersection we had to go through.  

God not only protects us from the crisis when we are in the midst of the storm, but He also protects us from future danger and crisis.  It is His protective hand that controls what happens and I am thankful that He has chosen to protect me more than my fair share.

Now I know that God sometimes allows us to go through hard times and difficult days.  Times when we don’t understand why God would allow us to go through such misery.  The only answer  I can give is that God is in control and that there are things that happen that we may not understand why until we are with Him in heaven.  Everything happens for a reason.  There are even times when He chooses to call someone home to be with Him in heaven.  It is indeed appointed unto man that he is to die.  God is the only one that knows when that is.   I have to admit that there are times when I simply cannot reason or understand why certain things happen to people.  Again… God is in control and we have to learn to trust Him.

In the book of Psalms,  David talks often about how God is a mighty fortress for him, a protection in difficult times.  I think God does that for us as well.   As I have explained,  I know from my own life that God has often protected me when I was unaware of the threat.  He protects you as well.

God is a wonderful fortress for those who trust Him.  

A safe place to rest during difficult days and close calls.


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