A Stain On The White Shirt of Society

A few days ago I wrote a post about my desire to not be misunderstood.  I didn’t share with you at the time but I was dealing with someone who had commented on my blog.  He told me (and I quote) that, “My writing was  a stain on the white shirt of society.  Now for the record, like most people, I am a person who likes to be liked.  BUT… if you don’t like me I am okay with that as well.  It is alright for someone to not “care” for me.  I have a list of people I am not too fond of myself.  I do not wish them any ill, I just would prefer to let them live their life and I will live mine. 

Anyway… my critic went on to inform me that what I wrote about was pointless and did no good.  I would be better off writing about baseball and try to convince a Red Sox fan to become a Yankee fan. I was fooling myself if I thought any different.  He said that no one pays attention to blogs anymore and that I should leave it to my preacher to share the gospel.  He then proceeded to tell me that he was a born-again believer and that he was believer that was “reformed in his beliefs” and that he followed the tenets of Calvinism.  He shared with me that it made no difference what I said because God already knew who was to be saved and who was not.

Now I will not use this blog as a forum to discuss the tenets of Calvinism.  For me, I have had this same discussion over 30 years ago when I was at Liberty University.  It is the same conversation and it usually ends in the same place… in an argument.   I will just say that when I was a freshman in college, I thought I “knew” every aspect of that argument.   I would study the subject more, sit under some very talented and intelligent professors, read up and listen to everything I could get my hands on over the course of those four years of my Bible training.  The end result was that as I learned more about the Greek language and gained more insight, I came to the conclusion that I “know” very little about the subject.  Thirty years later and I still have not “learned” more than what I had during my education.

While I will not shy away from I believe, I will just say that I believe that the whole discussion has no purpose.  We are called to be witnesses.  We are called and expected to share our faith to those that we come in contact with.  We are to be seed planters.  God harvests the field.  End of story.

That being said… I did want to point out that while my critic may be right about my writings, he  missed the whole point of my blog.   I am not trying to be a writer.  As I have pointed out before… I love to write, I never said I was a good writer.  I am not trying to reach the masses.  I write for me.  I write so that I have a record of my thoughts for my children and grandchildren.   If someone can gain insight and help them live for or find Christ along the way by reading what I write, then so be it.   I write so much more than I ever post to this blog.  Those thoughts and perspectives are meant for my family and while I do post some of it on Facebook for my friends and family to read, I do not advertise or join organizations that will promote my blog.  That is just not me. 

The bottom line is that for years my heart was hardened towards the things of God.  I was cold and distant from the things I truly believed.  Writing this blog keeps me accountable to my beliefs and to my faith.  It is a record and documentation of what God is doing in my life.

All through the Bible there are verses about not hardening your heart towards God.  I always believe He is talking to me.  Being aware of my own heart and relationship with God I see it more clearly in others.  There is a hardening of the heart that must happen when we choose to sin….especially if we are Christians!  The Holy Spirit will convict the Christian regarding sin and the only way we can choose the sin over obedience is to harden our hearts to God’s voice, His conviction, His wooing of us.  And so we drag around this hard, cold heart that feels nothing for God or for anyone else.  I now choose to keep my heart warm and open towards those things I once was cold and hardened to.

Writing makes my heart soft and pliable towards the things of God.  So… if I am truly the “stain on the white shirt of society” than so be it.  That is…just me.


2 thoughts on “A Stain On The White Shirt of Society

  1. There will always be people out there that will hate just for the sake of hating. Though I rarely reply, I always enjoy reading your blog posts.

    My Pastor just covered this subject of Christians being witnesses to others. We, as Christians, are called to witness to others. Not all of us are going to have what it takes to go up to someone on the street and share the Gospel message, but we can witness by our actions.

    Keep up the great work! Nothing else matters as long as we keep following God.

  2. OK.so let’s talk baseball.God loaded the bases with every person.The Greatest RBI hitter was sent to hit The Best Home Run Ever! We are given this moment to run Home and score for the Glory of God.Shalom

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