At one time or another we have all felt a strange thing that happens to all of us.   It’s something we were never meant to feel, an emotion, a feeling that we were never meant to know and yet we all have felt it.   We have all had an overwhelming feeling of being alone.

Alone.   It’s a terrible feeling, a sense of abandonment, rejection, isolation.   Alone is a place we all dread and avoid with noise, busy lives and activity, but alone is there.

It’s the great fear of every man, every woman, the fear that we will be alone.

It was never meant to be this way. God didn’t design us to be alone. It was never an experience of Adam until sin came and then a sense of “alone” came. It’s part of sin. We were designed to forever be in fellowship with God. We were designed to constantly sense and be in community with Him, but when sin came along with it came “alone.”

Jesus came to take care of our sin problem, but He came to do so much more. He came to resolve my aloneness, my isolation, my emptiness.  He came to provide a way for us to once more be in constant fellowship with the one who made us. Jesus said, as he anticipated his disciples abandonment, “Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.”

And now that is our solution as well.   The very ones who dreaded being left alone, can have that ever-present Father with us, in us, abiding, living with us every moment.

Now, in Christ, one of my fearsome problems, the problem of “alone”, is solved by the ever-present Lord of heaven living in me, with me, and I will never be alone again.


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