The Reality of Fantasy

I was reading an article from FOX News this past week declaring that 1/3 of Americans believe in UFO’s.  

The article clarified that their survey finds that 80 million Americans, or 36 percent of the population, believe UFOs are real.  One in 10 respondents say they have personally witnessed an alien spaceship. And if aliens were to invade the country sometime in the next four years, 65 percent of survey respondents said President Obama would be better suited for handling the invasion than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Give it up for Obama… he finally is leading in a poll (a joke people).

It fascinates me because there is no evidence of life on other planets.  For the most part, there have only been documented reports of UFO sightings since 1947.  Just about the same time that the movies started to portray them on the big screen. What? We have recorded history that is documented to go back, depending on who you believe, let’s just say thousands of years and not one documented story or report of a UFO until 1947? 

We have created this amazing myth, supported it with these fantastic movies and over time have convinced a gullible culture that UFO’s exist.  I’m sorry, but there is not a single shred of credible evidence that life on other planets exists.

Now before I proceed,  I have to be honest and admit that I have on two occasions have seen something in the sky that I could not explain.  I have never told anyone outside my family this before…but once when I was leaving the school (years ago) I saw a light in the sky so bright that it startled me.  I got in my car and started to drive towards where I thought the light was coming from.  As I pulled up to the field that looked like the light was over, I saw that three other cars had stopped along the side of the road to watch this same light.  I got out of my car and started to talk to the others that had gathered around and within a few seconds the light was gone.  Simply disappeared.

The other incident that I experienced was on September 22, 2004.  I was golfing with some friends that afternoon.  As we played our round of golf, I noticed that there were an unusual number of contrails in the sky.  It was odd-looking at all of the lines crisscrossing the sky.  As I looked up at them in amazement, I saw (yes…I had my glasses on) what was best described as a rotating cylinder with very small wings… closely followed by two jets flying just behind this object.  It appeared to me as slowly moving across the sky in formation with the jets.  I thought that I was just seeing things and that the glare of the sun was blocking the rest of the plane.  I watched it slowly cross the sky and move out of the area.  I finished my round of golf and did not really give it a second thought.

When I got into my car to head home, I turned on my radio to WTAM and this is a portion of what I heard on the radio…

Now before I go on further… I do not believe that I saw a UFO on either of those occasions.    I am convinced that our government has different types of aircraft that we have no knowledge of.  True… I cannot give an explanation for what I saw but I am sure there is one.

What concerns me more than what I witnessed is the contrast to this story.   Many in this UFO culture and others are convinced that God does not exist.  The belief it takes to convince themselves that aliens and UFO’s exist is based upon evidence that has never been documented with any real credible evidence.  Again it only dates back to the 1940’s.

Throughout all of recorded history, God is central to almost all documented written evidence.  From the earliest discovered written documents there are references to a belief in the existence of  a Holy God.

Yet God’s existence is so quickly doubted in today’s society.

All around us is a growing ground swell of people who declare they are atheists.

The contrast couldn’t me more dramatic.  We have come to a time of cultural insanity.  We believe what has no evidence and deny what does.  It’s clear that this is what happens to any culture that turns its back on God.  Soon the fantasy becomes reality and the reality becomes myth.  

Welcome to the reality of fantasy. 

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3 thoughts on “The Reality of Fantasy

  1. I am not really for or against the idea of extraterrestrials. I don’t think there is any real evidence to support it, but at the same time, until we can fully explore space, can we be sure that we are it? I was completely against it, until I read C.S. Lewis out of the silent planet. It is obviously fiction, but the idea he presents is believable. Even if there is life on other planets, they would still be subject to the authority of God. Really great book.

    That said… I thought I remembered a story about a Japanese general in the 1200s who sent his army to investigate strange lights in the sky and “UFOs”?

  2. Sonya… I do not think that it is out of any possibility. There indeed could be life elsewhere in God’s creation. The Bible does not confirm nor deny that possibility so in essence, I agree with you… but the fact that many people put their trust in the probable existence of Aliens and not in the existence of God is amazing to me. Have not read that from C.S. Lewis… I am a big fan and will track it down and read it. Thanks for the perspective.

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