The Long and Winding Road

Have you ever noticed that beautiful pictures often include a wandering road off into a beautiful unknown destination?  I see this often… a beautiful road stretching off into a wonderful world in the distance.  The picture is all lit up and you can see for miles and miles ahead.  Looking towards a distant home.  I think it’s part of our  make up to look ahead to a future world full of blue skies and green grass.   We look for and want a wonderful destination ahead, a promise land of beauty, calm, peace and wonder.

I know those pictures of beauty ahead captivate me, I’m sure they do the same for you.   I’m drawn to a journey through this  life with a beautiful and happy ending.  As a voyager on a life journey, I long for a wonderful destination, I want a beautiful land to call home ahead.  I hope and long for a beautiful destination when my journey on this earth is done.

That’s the promise of the Bible, the destination ahead for those that know Christ as their personal Savior will be glorious and worth the twisted journey it takes to get there.  The sad truth is that many believer’s have become discouraged, depressed by the world they see.  They lose focus and stray from the road that God has placed them on.  The journey of life that they are on is not as pretty as the artist paints it on canvas.  This beautiful destination becomes distant because the road they are on is hard.  Not only is it winding, it sometimes is dark.  Sometimes so dark they really have to trust God for their very next step because they are not sure where God is leading them. 

I have been through those dark times and I am sure that dark times may again be on my horizon.  God has never promised that our journey would be easy or without trouble.  The journey is supposed to be difficult and with challenges, that is what builds our faith and our confidence in God.

All of us are going somewhere. We are on a twisted, difficult road to a wonderful destination…..if we have trusted Christ as Savior, if we have taken that step of faith your destination is promised to be worth the twisted roads it takes to get there.

The Bible tells us of such a destination.  Some may call us dreamers and foolish, but we all dream of that place whether we admit it or not.  It’s a destination that God has promised and has impressed in each of our hearts and in each of our lives.

I long for and look forward to reaching my destination one day.

How about you?

What road are you on?  And where will your long and winding road lead you?


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