Without God

A few nights ago, as I lay in bed thinking, it occurred to me how hopeless it would be to live in a universe without God.  I began to think of the consequences of such a place and here are a few of my random thoughts….

Without God there would be no purpose, no reason we are here.  Blind chance would rule and I would have no idea why I’m here, my purpose, my reason for life.  

Without God there is no reason,  no rationality.  If all of this is an accident then reason and rationality are also just ideas that accidental creatures have invented and they too are irrational.

Without God there is no “why”.  Why am I here?  Why do things happen the way they do?  Why do I love?  Why do I hurt so badly when I lose someone?  Without God “why” is irrelevant and irrational.

Without God there is no hope.  If there is no God there is nothing to live for, nothing beyond this life, nothing to give us direction, purpose, reason, value, definition.

Without God we are alone.  We then are just random chance accidents in a cold empty universe.  Alone with years of despair and meaningless existence and then we die.  No purpose, completely accidental creatures in a universe that has no meaning.

If God didn’t exist then all of this is meaningless and my words are worthless.

While there is a good chance that my words are worthless due to the fact that I struggle to adequately convey my thoughts, but it doesn’t change the fact that I completely believe and know there is a God who gives us reason, meaning, purpose, hope and never leaves us alone.

God without man is still GOD but Man without God is NOTHING.

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