Facing The Storms of Life

I love a good thunderstorm.

We haven’t had many this summer, but I enjoy watching and listening as a storm comes through, with thunder and lightning and a good hard rain.  There are times I just like sitting on the front porch and watch it come in and in a strange way it relaxes me.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not crazy.

Storms come.  

They always come.

Some of the storms we face are not filled with lightning and thunder, high winds and a hard rain.  But rather these storms are when our life is filled with strife and turned upside down.  Times when our hearts are broken and we feel the pain that this life can bring.  Disappointment, loss, regret and when we feel like a part of us has died.

These are the storms of life.

Life is full of storms.  Everyone has them.  No life is exempt.  If you meet a person who says that they have never really been through a rough storm in this life, watch them because one is coming their way.  It is part of life. 

Storms deepen us and simplify our lives. They blow away the things that aren’t important and focus our attention on what is important.  Storms clarify our lives. We suddenly realize what really matters.  Life never stops mind you, but during a storm in this life it feels as if our life is suspended and we hold our breath waiting for a better day.

But don’t forget storms pass as well.  They won’t linger forever.   One day the sun will shine, the clouds will clear and life once more resumes. 

Life moves on.  A new day dawns and we begin afresh.  My fear is that for some, when the skies clear,  so quickly forget His presence and they resume their lives and their need for God and their focus on Him fades.

I don’t pray for storms in my life but I am no longer afraid of them.

I have found that a life without a storm every now and then will never find a bold faith in God.  As I have experienced these times in my life, the storm in my life is what turned my attention to Him.  In the midst of these storms of life,  God reveals Himself and He feels very close and I am comforted by His protective hand.

Isn’t it amazing that the very thing we dread….the storm….is the thing that brings us closer to the God?

Why does it take a storm to draw our attention to God?  Why do we have to be threatened with the loss of everything to truly seek Him? I think it’s because in the storm we lose the ability to care for ourselves. We realize we need help and we turn to the one who can truly help us through the storms in our life.

Ultimately, the storms of life is where our hurt and the healer collide.



One thought on “Facing The Storms of Life

  1. Such an awesome article! Well done David, you have a wonderful writing talent! Keep up the good work…. I read every one and really enjoy them.

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