Leave Your Mark

It is evident to me that, day by day, we leave a piece of ourselves behind in our tracks.  Each day we leave a mark and piece of ourselves in the lives of the people we come in contact with.

Here is a really strange question for you to ponder:

How are you leaving your mark?

Strange question to ask, isn’t it?  

What are you leaving behind you?  How has your presence affected the life of those you work with?  The man in the next car on the freeway?  The cashier at the gas station?

Each day, each moment, we leave our mark into the lives of others.  

What are you leaving behind?  

What will others remember about you?

How have you changed other lives by your influence?

How is eternity changed as you live your days?

What will be the legacy you leave behind?


One thought on “Leave Your Mark

  1. Right on David! These are great questions that can lead us to make our marks on our families and communties, love it.

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