Footprints Towards a New Path

With 2012  grinding to a close in a few weeks, I am making an announcement that I will be heading down a  “New Path” in 2013.

footprintschangeIt is a new path,  one that may be filled with potholes, winding curves and steep hills.  No matter how this turns out, I will be starting my journey today.

I am sure that this will lead to places that I never planned on going.  Maybe it will lead to other paths as well.  

Only time will tell.

I used to look for an end in sight as I sojourned along the well-worn paths that I have traveled these last few years.  I believed that there was a goal or a destination that I could reach with my words…but I have discovered that the path I am currently on is still far away from where I was hoping to be.  As much as I hate to admit it, I am still on the backside of the desert and as much as I want something to happen, I simply cannot make a wish and make it to be so.desert

I still believe that somewhere in the failure of my Christian walk, there is a lesson learned and a story to tell.  Clearly I am  aware that timing is everything and now simply isn’t the time for everything in my story to be told. 

But this I am sure of… I am convinced that my story is one of caution.  Caution for all… because if it can happen to me… it can happen to anyone.

My actions and my influence have planted “footprints” in my family.  My footprints have left behind a legacy that my children will have to deal with their whole life.  I know and understand that each of my children have to forge their own path.  Just as I cannot blame those that influenced me as an excuse for not doing right, they cannot use me as an excuse to not live for Jesus Christ.  However, I cannot help but think of the times that I failed them as a father.  It is overwhelming to me when I think about that.  I think back and wonder, what could have been had I not been this, or had not done that.   My footprints will indeed leave a legacy in their lives.  Will this legacy leave a mark that will be positive and point them to Christ or will it leave a scar that they will carry for the rest of their lives?  

Again, only time will tell.

What I am trying to say is that my intention is for now and for the forseeable future this is will be the last post to this blog.  For the blank-notebook-and-pen-300x247second time in my life I am putting my pen down.

I will not “bury” these writings like I did all those years ago when I stopped writing in the early 90’s.  I have decided to keep the blog active for a while. Maybe some people will still find some insight from the drivel I have posted over the past four years.

As of this moment, 412,118 people visited my blog.  I am amazed by that…and I am humbled.  However, it truly is one of the reasons I have considered stopping writing.  I love writing, however, words are easy to say and to write.  Living up to those words is what is hard.  I do not want to deceive anyone, especially my family because they know if my words match my actions.

Simply put… I have grown in good ways and God has helped me change my perspective on a few things that I would not have learned if I had not been writing.

Hopefully, the footprints that I  continue to leave will point others in the right direction and towards Jesus Christ.

Please do not interpret this change as anything other than what it is.  It has been a wonderful, amazing time in my life and I have no bitterness , nor regret of anything I have done with my writings.

I will continue on my journey and my hope and prayer is that one day I will be free to share my story and be able to be used of God once again.

As I have said from the very start of this blog… 

  • Thank you to all who have commented on my posts…95% of your comments never got posted (sorry about that… I think).
  • Thank you to those that played along and allowed me to pick up some of the broken pieces of my life and share a portion of my story with you. 

Always remember that your footprints leave a legacy for the world to see… may God be honored by what you leave behind.


3 thoughts on “Footprints Towards a New Path

  1. i go through seasons where the writing flows, and then seasons of dormancy. (we have an apple orchard, and one of the surprises I learned as I got into raising apples is they need that extended season of “dormancy” where from the outside, untrained eye, nothing much is happening..when the truth is, unless they have those hundreds of hours below a certain temperature, where they are recharging their batteries, they would not, could not bear fruit.. I’ve also thought about how God has created each of us to sleep away virtually 1/3 of our lives…1/3!!! now one of the lessons in that for me, is he really really does not “need” my help to further his kingdom in this world. period. want to encourage you to stay in the loop communication wise David…if you don’t feel like writing, I get that, I really do…but please continue to stop by my blog as you feel led. (that’s the one) DM

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