The Truth Is…


I did not sit down at the computer to write for over 30 days. 

It has been a long 30 days.

The truth is… I felt lost.

Even when I would take each September off,  I would still write, I just wouldn’t post it.

The truth is…my intention was to take some time off and not write or post to this blog.  I was excited because this new year was like a blank canvas.  I thought about the coming year and I was thinking about what picture I wanted to paint this year with my life.

The truth is… I had to take a long look at myself.

What do I want to do with these days ahead?  What will the year look like when I’m done with it?  

The truth is…I have discovered the hard way that words are easy to write and to say… it is hard to live up to those words.  I do not want to deceive anyone, especially my family because they know if my words match my actions.

The truth is…I won’t get to erase my words if they see me fail or not live up to the words I write.  Each word is like a stroke of the brush that leaves paint on the canvas.  Each decision, each word, each action is like a brush stroke full of paint….it continuly changes the painting daily and it becomes part of the finished product.

The truth is…I know I’m not a gifted writer, but it’s all I have.  I’m trying with each word to create something that pleases God.  I’m trying to take the canvas of this year and make it a work of art.

The truth is…I still feel like I am painting with old, used and ratty brushes.   The ability to paint a picture with clean lines and beautiful blends of colors are hindered by my failure to take care of the brushes that God gave me all those years ago. 

The truth is…my painting, as I finish it this year can still be a beautiful reflection of the grace of God and of Jesus Christ seen in my life.

What will my canvas look like at the end of 2013?  Each day I will be making brush strokes on the canvas of this year.  Each word that touches my canvas and each action leaves color behind.  May it be found with faithfulness to my Savior Jesus Christ and may it be a reflection of the real me as I show others that my actions back up the words I write.

The truth is… I am excited to see the final picture of my journey. 

Come along with me, paint the canvas of your life with the love of Jesus Christ.



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