God Questions: Exploring Life’s Toughest Questions

My church, Grace Community of Fremont, Ohio is starting a new series called, “God Questions”.  The purpose of the series is to address the questions that a person may have about God.

GodQuestionsThis week I struck up a conversation with a fellow believer about the upcoming series.  He has been involved in church his whole life.

The conversation spun off with the initial question: Where did evil come from?

Which is… if God was the creator of all things…did He create evil?  Did it start with Adam and Eve? Did it come into being when Lucifer fell?

These are all good questions and  it’s a bit irrelevant, whatever the answer is, because it doesn’t change Who God is, or who we are, or what we’re called to do. 

After some in-depth discussion with him about some of these difficult questions in life, I am amazed about the average church-goer’s lack of understanding of basic doctrinal truths. 

Such as…

1.  Hell is real, and people apart from Christ are condemned to it.
2.  God in His infinite justice punishes sin.   God in His infinite love provided salvation from that punishment through Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection.
3.  God hates sin.   Read any books start to finish from the Old Testament and read where God tells His people and prophets to completely wipe out whole people groups. I mean, have we forgotten the story of Noah? He just started all over. Sodom and Gomorrah? Need I go on?
4.  Anyone who does not know Christ is dead in their sin and deserves hell.  It’s a tough one, but if the consequences for sin are not that dire, then why did Christ have to die?

As believers, we need to know what the Bible says about Who God is, what He does, and who we are in light of that. 

My concern is that I believe we have life-long church-goers that can’t say with confidence that they are certain about these things based on revelation from Scripture.

It is a scary time in our churches today…



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