In the News

What has my attention this week is the news….news of murder, neglect, war, sexual abuse.  None of it is inthenewsnew, none is surprising, but I am so tired of sad news every week.

While I am thrilled at the miracle of these young women escaping 10 years of being kidnapped, I am sad to hear the sad details of what they have had to endure.

I look forward to the day, and it is coming, when sin, death, sorrow, tears, war and violence will be a forgotten memory.  There will be a day when God redeems the creation we have destroyed.  More and more, as I read the news and am saddened by what I see, I look forward to that day.  The day when all is made right, when Jesus is Lord of all.

Some say that day will never happen.  Many can’t imagine a world without all we live with, but it’s coming….it’s near….soon the idea of death, of war, of violence or sexual abuse will be as foreign to us as the absence of it seems right now.  I long for that day when all will be made right.  I long for the day when there will be no more sad news weeks.


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