Another Chance to Get It Right

It’s the beginning of a new day.  A night of rest and once more we begin our lives. 

Another ChanceAnother chance to get it right.

In the last few days much around us has changed.  In Oklahoma more than 24 people are dead from a terrible tornado.  The day before that storm they awoke to their new day having no idea what was ahead for them on that day. 

Our lives are lived in 24 hour moments….a day at a time.  Each new day is an opportunity to live for God because it may be the last of your days… may be your final morning here on earth!

So, how to use it…how should we spend our days as if they were our last? 

So in the beginning of this new day resolve to do these things:

1. Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.

2. Make things right with Jesus Christ.

3.  Love people.  

4. Say what you need to say to those who you need to say it to.

Today could be your last day… will you have another chance to make it right?


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